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Our consultants have been business leaders, with real Profit and Loss responsibility.  Unlike lifelong process improvement professionals, we know that the company exists to serve its customers and to generate profits for its stakeholders.  Hence, process improvement projects are not the priority for most organizations, nor should they be.  We don't fix anything.  Your people do.  They are the experts in performing the work of the company.  Therefore, they are integral to process improvement success, both while we are deployed and long after we leave.  They all have day jobs.

We develop realistic schedules, accommodating the possible limited availability of team members, and the fact that due to customer demand and other priorities, schedules are subject to change.  If you want rapid results, and can dedicate the people to work with us, the schedules will be aggressive, but achievable.  If our activities, however, need to fit and complement production schedules, we can do that too!

We also don't ask you to drink the Lean or Six Sigma "Kool-Aid".  If a full-blown Lean Manufacturing implementation is what's called for, we'll do that.  But most organizations thrive better under a gentler approach, incorporating Lean and Six Sigma concepts on a more tactical basis, bringing your employees along during a transition from possible disorder, to a continuously learning and improving environment.  We can help you put together a Continuous Improvement Roadmap, that will bring new phases of the program into place as your employee base is ready for them.

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