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Whether you need a Business Plan to seek out or provide confidence to potential investors in your new business or major initiative, or you are trying to plan your growth strategy for the next few years, The Operations Group can work with your team to prepare comprehensive documentation of strategy, and rigorous financial analysis and projections.

In addition to projecting revenues and expenses, it's quite important to clearly articulate your strategy.  HOW are you going to achieve the sales that you are projecting?  How do you know there is a demand for your product or service?  What are alternate strategies in case your go to market plan doesn't yield the desired results?

Who is already providing the product or service in the marketplace?  What's your plan to wrestle away loyal customers from their long time suppliers?

A strategic plan is not a static document.  It should cover the long term path, but also a shorter term view, perhaps a year out, and should be reviewed and revised annually as "life happens".  You've lost key employees, gained new competitors, or even new products are competing for a narrowing customer base.

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